Website Publishers. Are you looking for an alternative revenue stream?


Is your site not big enough to interest the likes of Mediavine and Google Ads?


Digital Airtime Sales are launching a new display ad network, similar to Google Adwords that is open to any U.K. website publisher with a site primarily aimed at U.K. viewers.

Unlike other networks we are offering a revenue share of up to 77% - that's way more than the 'Big Boys' offer, and our minimum payout level is only £10 of revenue not £50 or £100.


As a National Airtime Sales house we have the contacts to convince national brands to advertise through our network. We just need to build a large network of website publishers to get 'traction'.


After you've set up your publisher account with us and placed your ad codes into your webpages where you want the ads to appear, then it's just a case of sitting back and seeing your revenues grow.


Through your Publisher account Dashboard you will have access to daily and Real Time reporting screens so you can see how many visitors to your site see and click on ads.


Convinced? Sign Up Here for a no obligation trial, and let's make some money together!